We have been able to help many people with their health problems, including people that tried many other approaches that didn't succeed.  Read what some of our patients have to say below.

Relief From Symptoms – "I suffered from dizziness and headaches for several years and was unable to get relief from traditional medical care.  Receiving acupuncture at Calm Spirit Wellness Clinic brought me significant relief and peace of mind.  I recommend Jim Darling to anyone who has not been satisfied with their response to traditional medicine."  – Jesse

Pain Relief – "I have suffered for years with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and a major MDA disease.  I have used pain meds and helps from many different health care providers.  Acupuncture treatments from Calm Spirit Wellness Clinic have helped with instant relief in many areas and has cut my pain at least in half, if not more in the first month of treatment."  Helen

Total Body Healing – "Jim has helped me by improving my symptoms of tight muscles, cloudy thinking, insomnia and stress. I am feeling 100% better and have so much more energy following my acupuncture treatments. It gives me instant relief of sore muscles and has improved my joint stiffness. He is very thorough with his treatments and addresses each and every issue; including needed attention with trigger point release therapy.

I no longer have to use pain medications for constant aches thanks to Jim Darling at Calm Spirit Wellness." Debbie