Cupping Therapy

Special: Thirty minute cupping session for $30.00.

Cupping helps relax and loosen tight muscles. By moving Qi (chee), blood, and lymph in areas where stagnation has occurred, cupping helps move out stagnation and toxins from the tissues. Also – in the process of stretching and releasing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments – a soothing feeling of relaxation occurs. Cups may be stationary in one location for up to 15 minutes – or – oil can be placed on the skin which allows the cup to slide – lifting and releasing as it travels across the muscles.

When a glass cup is used, a flame is temporarily placed inside the cup – and then removed from the cup – and then the cup is placed on the skin. The flame burns up the oxygen creating a vacuum which draws the skin up into the cup. Plastic cups offer a flameless option where the cup is placed on the skin and a small hand-operated vacuum pump creates the desired suction. Stationary cups can create round circles in shades of pink to purple that can remain visible for up to a week.


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